Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Accidental Awesome

Whilst bumbling across the world wide web, you occassionally stumble upon websites/blog/newsletters that by coincidence of name lure you in. Usually, this tends to get you nothing more than a scrappy 15 years old's angelfire attempt or a list of instructions for putting together your "Rolling Stone" flat pack furniture, but sometimes you get something so much more. This latest diamond in the ruff (that really wasn't not a vain stab at humour, I promise) really is the stuff of dreams. I was reading up on an organisation that I've got an interview with tomorrow morning (yawn), which happens to share the same name in part as this fine establishment, and in the course of my hopeless clicking and back buttoning this little beauty popped up to save my day! I've never heard of this particular breed, so it was as much of an education as a delight to the jaded eye. This is my favourite part of the website, where you can browse the puppies that will be available at 12 weeks, and which ones are strictly not!


This is my favourite little dude - She is named "Scarlett 'Storm'"


Monday, 18 January 2010

TUSK documentary

Can you imagine how high you would be having just had half a tonne of coke blown up your arse by a roadie, then standing in front of the crowd in this section of the film? It would be like someone tied your brain to a lazer-powered rocket ship being driven by Allah...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I think I'm Dum

So, it's the new year. I'm still unemployed. I'm still feeling sorry for myself. I'm now fatter than last year.

At least this tune is amazing.

Interview with Beach House

Happy New Year you DUMMY!