Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Laziest poster

This site is great place to draw inspiration from. They post up a bunch of different artists, photographs and creatives to make the common man explode with jealousy on his way to Sainsbury's to buy a baked potato. Can't really think of too much else to say...look at it it's good?

p.s. I thought t h i s was a really interesting idea.

Paper Space Ship

made me do m e g a l o l z in parts. Really well written. And he's not even 21 yet. Cunt.


aGAiN WITH THE LATENESS! Morgan Blair has been setting the underground Brooklyn art scene alight for some time it would seem, yet my knowledge of her was only realised just recently - I had seen the standout front cover of Small Black's EP a while back, but a severe bout of malaise must have taken hold and I explored no further. Ashamedly I now make it known how much I love her work. I'm usually not so into anything that could possibly be mistaken for dayglo, and I am certainly not into that twee oriental graphic shit you see on t shirts being sold in Camden market, but this seems to hit the nail right on the head for some reason.

I particularly like the installation-y stuff that shit did at someone's house in NYC. Psychedelic murals in your house = YES! Anyways, she's a real hooked up lady and you can find a million interesting links from her site/blog that will send you cascading down the social media rabbit hole. So check it out.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Smoke Bath

I adore everything I have seen Peter Sutherland do. His style is so gritty, yet he seems to find beauty in the most unlikely of places. The shoot he did not long ago for Vice, where he went to some wasteland in bum-fucked-America to take shots of the communities that were still lasting it out there was incredible, and the portfolio of his work still blows my mind whenever I look at it.

This post was actually going to be a pretty slating review of the latest project that I had seen him put his name to, but on further inspection I reckon it's pretty goddamn rad! Perhaps it's the jealousy that I've not got to go on a trip like that, or that I can't take pictures that good...either way, I'm sorry. Check out the SMOKE BATH.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010