Monday, 30 November 2009

Get me out of this place

Friendship's not dead

These are some of the most heart felt options the rational mind has ever produced:

# You have a major crush on your best friend's sweetie? How do you react?

* You notice what your best friend isn't giving your crush.
Then you make your move when the two of you are alone.
* You lay on the sex appeal when your friend isn't around.
* You try to act as attractive and mysterious as possible around your crush. Hopefully, you'll stand out against your clingy friend.
* You charm them both. You are able to flirt with you friend's sweetie, without anyone suspecting a thing.
* You act extra playful when you are around them, without even really noticing that you're doing it.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


...and guess what? It's AMAZING!


For some reason, the website won't let me copy the embed code without signing up to, basically, you'll have to click here if you want to see more than just a screen grab of why I bothered to write anything about this guy at all.

It's a pretty cool ongoing visual art performance in collaboration with New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority, Clear Channel Communications, and its selected artists. It turns really boring, basic billboards into something more exciting, but apparently, because of the large cost involved, these boards can only be used occassionally... It's a really cool idea though, and much more stimulating than looking at the shitbag Robert Pattinson's face on every tube wall I walk passed! Just try to ignore the Aphex Twin nightmare in the background




Monday, 16 November 2009

Photographers I like Vol. 7: Alexander Binder

I'm not even sure I have to say all that much about this guy, as his work is more dramatic than any short paragraph I could ever put together. I was discussing his work with a friend and I came to the conclusion that although a lot of his pictures look like they came out of the black metal guide to enchanted forests, they show a lot of hope at the same time. Really interesting stuff, don't you think?

I also realised when I was just putting this post together that I kind of love pictures of pointed roofs and fairy tale houses...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Photographers I like Vol. 6: Anna Verlet

I haven't written anything on this section of my blog in a while, so I figured that it could do with an updating as I have seen rather a lot of wonderful photographs in the last month or so. This latest photographer, Anna Verlet, is something rather special. Obviously, living in the no-so-popular part of the east end of London, I don't get to see much greenery or nature (other than the odd tramp being chased round the pathetic patch of grass near my flat by a mean-looking, muscular dog), so her kind of photography is always a much needed reminder of pastures prettier.

She takes lots of pictures of scenery, lots of pictures of buildings and lots of pictures of all things North American, which I'm always a fan of. Of course, a lot of the pictures aren't breaking any new ground, but there is a weird focus on shape, which I really like. You can really see this in images like the one below...

I got really excited when I saw her picture of a theatre/cinema earlier, and I am seriously glad that I checked the rest of her work out. Maybe you'll like it too and we can share an oatie?

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Theatre Of Eternal Dreams

"On at least one occasion, La Monte's performance consists of not much more than screaming at a plant until it dies"

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

* * *

Wasn't going to post anything about Ana Kras as she is a bit old news now, but I really like this picture for some reason?

Like a totally awesome new band

Hey there blog fans, it is I your humble scribe, social deviant and incessant rambler. The powers at google momentarily hindered my right to...write, but I am back with more pointless quips and vapid self indulgence. Bow before me tumultuous rogues! Enough.

I found a fun new band! I found a fun new band! Weekend, aside from having a suprizingly terrible selection of photographs to choose from on their Myspace for this song, are really good. They only have one song on their myspace, but there's another better one that you can access via their blog website. They have droning voice and (cue 90s shoegaze reference) the twanging guitars of Guided By Voices, strange drums that sound like a drum machine, although are apparently the work of a drum kit, and are good chums with another good band Young Prisms. I might try getting a few words from them soon, so watch this space...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

100% the best thing I've seen all year!

Design A Wave are the retarded pop project of London based artist Tom Hirst. The humorous samples kind of remind me of Yellow Magic Orchestra spliced with a healthy dose of modern day Metronomy fun (circa Pip Paine) and a sprinkle of Italo. This video was posted on his MySpace and looks as though everyone there that night was treated to the party of a lifetime! Synchronised dancing that doesn't take itself too seriously is like licking the flavoured wallpaper in the Chocolate Factory - it's fun and everyone wants to do it!

...also, if you don't feel that all this is confusing enough then click here for more odd!

Monday, 2 November 2009