Friday, 28 August 2009


I transcribed an interview with these guys a while a go - they are bloody crackers! They've got this weird idea of making Music Go Music a kind of franchise that can be taken on by different people, after the band members have become too old to trot around in spotted wizard dresses and bash tambourines and keyboards. This will mean that Music Go Music will never die and the brand will last forever. This is an almost sociopathic plan for a music collective to have concocted, but if all the future franchisees are as happy as these guys then it can't be such a bad thing, can it?

Music Go Music - Live on Face Time - Just Me from music go music on Vimeo.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


Photographers I like Vol. 5: Takaaki Okada

I've got lots of time on my hands at the moment, so I am getting more than a little preoccupied with hunting for shiny, fun things...perhaps I am starting to mimic the magpies I obsess about everyday...perhaps.

This latest snapper to catch my attention was posted on the amazing and wonderful Pus-Eye not so long ago, and as such is quite the boy with the point and click device.

I think there is a tendency amongst many photographers to take their work really seriously (probably indicating that they are very serious themselves, but whatever - sometimes that's boring), but Takaaki Okada doesn't suffer from these preoccupations. Of course, all the photographs aren't taken with a Boots disposable and depict a laughing clown getting kicked in the nuts by a demon child, hopped up on Haribo, but they do have an inherent sense of humour. The one picture that most got my attention, for the reason that I immediately thought of my friend when I saw it, was the plastic lion head placed on top of the bird bath. Ed is ridiculous too.



Happy Snapper

I know that everybody says that their grandparents are the most lovely people in the world. There's the old thinking that everyone regards their friends parents as much nicer than their own, but will always valiantly stand by their gransparents as the most wonderful, kind people that they have ever met...perhaps not Elisabeth Fritzl's children, but I'm determined to keep this blog above board and pleasant so let's forget that.

However, my grandad was one of those rare breeds of men who couldn't help but be cool. He didn't look at all like other men his age, having kept all of his own bright white hair, which he'd keep slicked back; he used to always wear the coolest diamond ring I've ever seen; his shoes were 100% Italian leather at all times; and he had this rad Kangol fisherman-type hat, that he attached a feather brouch too, along with badges of various places he had visited in the world. He never lost his temper, really, apart from this one time where I was being a little shit and stole 50p out of my Grandma's purse to drop into one of those coin-drop, shelf charity box things (they look like a vertical version of a rubbish maze) and then called him a bastard - but I think that anyone would have lost their rag in much the same way. He, also, smoked like a rockstar, and used to polish off at least two packs a day, as well as drinking neat malt whiskey every night. Basically, he was super fly and I miss him terribly.

That's why I always like rummaging around in my Grandma's cluttered attic whenever I visit their house because, along with enjoying continuous waves of incredible nostalgia, it always gifts a treasure or two. This time, though, I really hit the jackpot. I asked my grandma whether she had any old camera's in the house, as I knew that she had recently received a brand new digital snapper, to accompany her new laptop, for christmas...they both now reside in another chest of drawers in her bungalow. She then produced this from a dusty wardrobe:

I think the model is an Olympus OM20 - though that is only what I can gather by looking at the side. It was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. It came with this battery pack that looked like a robot limpet, but for the purpose of keeping the pictures more attractive, I removed said urchin. Look at the futuristic indian-looking strap - it looks like it was taken straight from Walks with Cloud's head dress whilst he was playing Rollerball with Jeff Bridges...just need to work out how to work the thing properly now!

Monday, 24 August 2009


Photographers I like Vol. 4: Connor Creagan

OK, so I did find out about this guy from Platform's Flickr stars thing, but I've been busy alright! Trying to find a full time job is a full time occupation, you know?!

Anyways, enough about such dullness - this kid is sick. There's a current trend amongst photographers these days of taking photographs of everyday objects/sights/people, but by using natural lighting and allowing for heavy exposure, the photographs appear to age and transform - making the rest of us feel like their world is a lot more interesting than ours. Really enjoying his Flickr account anyhow, and these are just some of my favourite pictures he included...

Reckon this last one looks like a snoop-sized-bud!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bungalow Hate: Interview with Reading Rainbow

One part matured punk to two parts saturated psychedelia, Reading Rainbow ooze out of your speakers with distorted guitars, battered synths and a determination to make you remember what it’s like to be a kid again. Listening back to Philadelphians Robbie Gee(Garcia) and Sarah Eee’s (Everton) band is like being trapped in a tribal drum, listening to John Dwyer’s new psych-punk incarnation, draped in Joseph’s Technicolor dream coat. I spoke to Sarah yesterday on instant messenger to talk vagina poetry and the Turtles…

Hey. First off - how did Reading Rainbow get together?

Sarah Eee: Well, Rob and I were in another band together. It was like a spastic no wave style punk band and we had a show booked, but our then drummer couldn't make it. So, we had been talking about doing our own two-piece project, so we went ahead and wrote 8 songs in 2 weeks, and I learned the drums. I don't play a full drum kit so that's why I was able to, somewhat, learn the drums in 2 weeks.

So, how is the music that RR play a deviation from that first punk band?

The first band was just this silly thing that we didn't take very seriously. It was the first and only other band I've been in. I didn’t even play real parts, just noise on a circuit bent keyboard. Rob and I still both sang but other than that, it's totally different. We take Reading Rainbow very seriously. The lyrics in our first band were fucking stupid because we didn’t really care what they were, we just wanted something to scream but with RR, it's actually meaningful. The other band was just a release of energy.

How old were you both when you started that band, and how old are you now? - just to give some background.

I think I was 23 and Rob was 24? I'm 26 now, and Rob's 27.

Sound. Getting back to Reading Rainbow - Reading Rainbow is the name of a kid’s TV show, right? That’s not how you came up with the name though is it?

Yeah it is! I know its kind of silly, but we choose it for a couple reasons. First of all I liked the idea of taking the name out of context and redefining what it meant. Also, I grew up watching a lot of it and my mom was an elementary school librarian and had it all on VHS. So it has a lot to do with childhood nostalgia…and its alliteration!

Alliteration is always fun! I don't think we have that show over here so I'm not sure how good it is - I was always more of a Turtles kinda kid

Oh yeah I was too. I wanted to marry Donatello, which sounds kind of messed up.

It was all about LEO!!

Haha he was a goody goody!

Donatello was the biggest nerd! Sword is so much better too.

Psssh Donatello was smart as shit and always made shit. Also, Rob knows how to use a bo staff too. It's weird haha.

So, you mentioned that the lyrics are important to you in Reading Rainbow - what is the main subject matter you like to deal with?

First, we only wrote about being scared of living in the city and how dangerous it is, and how we'd love to go back and live in the forest surrounded by nature. Recently we've been writing more about caring about shit and actually wanting to be productive and contribute.

Where are you guys originally from then?

I'm from Richmond, VA and Rob 's dad was in the air force so he moved every 2 years. He's not really from anywhere.

I know that Philly has got this reputation as being "Killadelphia", but how bad is it as far as your concerned?

It's pretty scary if you're in certain neighbourhoods at certain times. But it's like any city - there’s always a sketchy part a few blocks away from wherever you are. You just have to be careful and not wander around drunk late at night.

Yeah, I always find that it's the case that when a place is known to be super rough or super dangerous that it always tends to be the most fun place to actually live in. There’s more community and stuff.

Yeah! There's always more diversity of culture and you don't have like such a big yuppie living in a homogenous bland town.

So, how developed is the garage "scene" in the area you live? - I say garage simply because that's what is what is on your myspace - How would you describe the music you make?

I wouldn't really say there's much of a scene as far as the music we make in Philly. All the bands we have an affinity with are in CA or NYC. We chose garage because it was the closet thing we could think of on the myspace genre options! We would describe our music as super reverby, minimalist, distorted, punk, I guess.

What would you say are the main influences on Reading Rainbow?

The Velvet Underground, The Urinals, and pretty much all good old bands from the late 70's. We love Devo. I feel like there's more, but I can’t think of anything right now! The song Totem Pole was really influenced by Sun Ra.

You mentioned having an affinity with certain other bands from CA and NYC - which bands do you have an affinity with? Are any of them new bands?

Oh yeah a lot of them are new. We really love Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, and Thee Oh Sees in CA and Beach Fossils from Brooklyn are sooo good!!

Good choices. Are you guys signed officially yet? Your new album is getting released by SSMK, right?

We are not signed. Yeah SSMK and this other label Single Girl Married Girl are co-releasing our album.

What does SSMK stand for again?

Slip Shod Mucus Kiss - it's from an E.E. Cummings poem about vaginas!!
Isn’t that gross!?

Amazing! Does the sound on your new album continue where the free 8 track EP left off?

Oh yeah. We re-recorded all those songs. Those are the songs we made in the first 2 weeks before our first show. Almost all those songs are on the album, and we have some newer ones on there.

Just listening to it through now - so good. I think that drenching everything in reverb, the way you guys do, just makes everything sound so warm and comforting, but I read recently one guy who said that he thought that a lot the bands who are picking up this trend of distorting vocals and recording a lot of reverb on their records are just shirking the responsibility of writing a good song - what would you say to that?

I have so many things to say about that. First of all, Rob was doing that shit FOREVER. He has a side project called Sprained Ankles where the whole idea was soulful singing/wall of sound/drenched in reverb. He recorded a whole album before we did RR. So that was our aesthetic from way back. Secondly we actually record with a real 8 track reel-to-reel. We DO NOT use garage band! (Not to diss people who do, a lot of awesome bands use it) So, the dirty recording style happens naturally because that show we record it. Also, I think there's some truth to people covering up not writing really good songs by using reverb too much. To that I say pay better attention. You can pick out what’s good from what's boring if you listen.

Yeah, I've got to agree with that myself. I think that good songs kinda power through the whole reverb thing anyhow. The reverb, old sound, just adds to the overall effect.

Yeah, especially for us since we are a two-piece. It makes it more full and sonic sounding.

Who produced the album? When is it out now?

We produced it. It will be out in 2 weeks! So we are told.

Excited? Are you guys having a record launch or anything in your neighbourhood?

Yeah! We are at the end of September. I am super stoked about it.

So, are you guys set to tour off the back of the new record?

We just got done touring! We went all the way to the west coast and back for two weeks (got back Saturday night). We had it all planned out so that we could promote our album, and then it wasn’t even fucking ready!!! The pressing plant fucked us over.

Fuck - that's rubbish. How was the tour besides that?

It was so much fun and SO MUCH DRIVING. If you only have 2 weeks to go all the way to the west coast, your drives are 6 - 12 hours between shows.

Yeah, it’s weird for a Brit to understand how long touring must take you guys with all that ground to cover!

Haha yeah it was pretty abstract to us before we went. We just mapped it out, and were like “damn that's going to be a lot of driving!" but you don’t know til you do it. Thankfully our very good friend Daniel from Eternal Summers (Magic Twig Community) came with us to help with driving and to be keep things fun and awesome.

Which bands were you playing with - other than Eternal Summers, (I'm guessing)?

We wanted to tour with ES but Nicole couldn't come, so it was just Daniel. (He helped play tambourine). Our favourite bands we played with were Fungi Girls, Old Blood, Best Coast and Pearl Harbour.

That's a pretty amazing set of bands! Ok, what are the top five records that you've been listening too recently?

Duty Now for the Future – Devo; Help - Thee Oh Sees; Pink Flag – Wire; White Light White Heat – VU; my friend Abi's mix tape that has lots of Monks and really old weird obscure French pop and stuff on it. He doesn't include a track list with his tapes so we still aren’t sure what most of it is. We listened to such a vast array of stuff in the car on tour like tons of Yo La Tengo, and Houses of the Holy while we were in the desert haha.

I've been to like New York, Boston and Philly before, but I would love to visit Oregon and California.

Yeah it's soooo different. I feel like most of the East Coast cities are more dangerous/sketchy, but the West Coast's more dangerous in terms of nature the waves in the pacific are bigger and scarier, the forests have bigger animals that can eat you, and the desert has snakes and scorpions. It’s awesome as hell though!!

Download EP here for free:

Holy Water

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bungalow Hate: Interview with Pearl Harbor

The words “Pearl" and "Harbor” usually bring to mind images of exploding Kamakazi pilots or perhaps (if you're so inclined) that shit film with Josh Hartnett, and will have convulsing American WW2 vets popping the child proof cap on their benzodiazepines faster than you can say “stop, drop, roll!” This, then, is a strange name to associate with two young sisters from California who play dreamy, lo-fi pop, covered in more fuzz than a brand new furbie. Piper, 22, and her sister Sky, 15, make slow, solid jams that you imagine will be the perfect future soundtrack of some time-lapse surfer film. Piper got in touch recently to explain how Pearl Harbor get down and how Arnie influenced their music...

Hey! So, how did Pearl Harbor get started?

Piper: We're sisters, so that was eazy greazy...Cody, our live bass wizzer is a really good friend of mine, of around 5 years. We started jamming pretty regularly after I inherited a "budget" bass from a friend last august, and eventually a song was written.. followed by more songs...

How long have you been writing music? How old are you now?

Not too long.. but thanks to the celerity of the internet, we've already been bought out and forgotten.

Do both of you write the music?

Yeah, my sister and I write everything.

How did you decide on the name?

It came to me in a dream.. a Blue Dream..

What are the main influences on Pearl Harbor’s sound?

Being U.A.N.S... Martin Newell, Dizzy Dan, Jack Herrer, Summer Hits, Lawrence Hay-way... dudes that ROCK

How many singles/EP’s have you guys put together?

We have a CD-R called "Calistonia Dreamin"

Who is putting out your stuff?

Mexican Summer's putting out our first 12" titled "Something About The Chaparrals", which should probably be out around October-ish..

Have you guys been playing many shows recently? What are your favourite shows to play?

We just played a handful of shows around the neighb with our L.A. buds, Best Coast (Cinderella 99). It's hard to say which shows are my fave, because we've played like, eight. I guess ones that aren't at bars so my sis doesn't have to stand outside with the dregs, because that means I have to stand outside with the dregs.

Which other bands do you like to hang out with in your area?

The only band I hang with is Headband

What records are you listening to at the moment?

Michael Farneti- Good Morning Kisses & Dandelions by Dandelions, Kenny Gilmore CD-R. Take a step back, 'cuz that shit is hot.

Has Mr. Schwarzenegger been a positive influence on music in California?

Every night I pray that we'll write a song with the gusto of Predator, finesse of Terminator, and gut-busting whimsy of Hercules in New York or Kindergarten Cop. Which is good, because I'm praying.

Monday, 10 August 2009

How hard do you PAAAARTYYYY?!!!!

Unless all of those Booze Britain cockumentaries are deceiving me and the shutter sunglasses-wearing bastards at shit music festivals are just pretending, we British are a people who love to party. This is the nation that championed E, that invented binge drinking, and which has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in all of Europe. We’re fucking party monsters, real good time people, P.A.R.T.Why? Because we gotta etc., etc. But just how hard does London go?

Sam Bell, illustrator, 24

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?

Sam: Maybe Secret Garden Party, two years ago. I tried acid for the first time. It was very, very fun, and I would recommend everyone do it.

What would be your ideal party?

I don’t know. I like going to those sort of parties where you can dress up and stuff, but I’m a bit of a metal head. So I would have to say a really good gig, followed by an afterparty with all of my friends there and stuff.

What tune would play over the montage of your ideal party?

Dunno, depends on what the party ended up being like. I want to say a Monty Python song, like “Sit On My Face” or something, ha ha.

Marina Doritos, waitress, 24

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?

Marina: Probably one when I was studying at university. Would you like me to describe the party?

Yes please.

It was a “pimps and hoes” party. Everyone was dressed up and there was loads of alcohol and loads of drugs. I was a ho. My outfit consisted of heels and a short mini skirt.

Sounds just great. What three things do you need at a party to have fun?

Cigarettes, booze, and drugs.

Who would be your ideal party companion?

A very loud transvestite.

Will Stefano, project manager, 26

What’s the gnarliest party you’ve ever been to?

Will: It was a house party in Dagenham. It just turned into a bit an orgy. I wasn’t involved, personally, because of my partner. I guess parties in that sort of area are renowned for that sort of thing, though. You know, Essex girls and that.

How did it all kick off then?

I’m not too sure. I think that some people just saw a couple making out and decided that they were going to do it and it just escalated from that really. There weren’t no outrageous threesomes or whatever, it was just separate couples all in the same room.

Oh. That’s not really an orgy then, is it? Did everyone involved enjoy themselves?

I think so. It was better because no-one got any rashes or anything like that. Must have been alright.


Jose Blixack, “hustler”, 25

Do you like to paaaaaaaartyyyy?

Jose: I love to party, yeah.

Out of 10, how hard would you say you party?

I party 110 per cent every time.

What is the best mash-up/rave-up/box social you’ve ever been to?

That is a question, man! There was one in Bournemouth where they made the house look like a castle, out of cardboard. They had, like, a boat in their pond and we had this mad wrestling match in there, like, four of us having a mad smackdown. It wasn’t the best but it was up there, you know?

Did you win the smackdown?

Yeah, I won. I kicked my mate’s ass and a girl’s ass, and, like, two other guys.

What three things are essential for a party?

You have to have booze, women, and me.

Alec McGee, studio manager, 26

Do you wanna party right now?


What kind of parties are your favourite, then, you party animal?

Favourite? Blimey, I go to Night Slugs a lot, I go to High Horse, T Bar, and anywhere my friends are playing at to be honest.

What would be your ideal party?

Lots of bass, lots of booze, that’s about it really.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a party?

DJ Assault shagging someone behind the decks before his set, with the crowd in front of him, down in the Ocean Rooms in Brighton. That was fun.

Delphine Ashes, graphic artist/photographer, 32

What would be the perfect party?

A party where I don’t have to drive. Where all my friends are around and the sound system is amazing.

What three things would you take to a party with you to ensure fun was had?

Umm, what would I take? Probably some happy substance, my camera, and sunglasses.

When you see the perfect party in your head, what is the soundtrack that’s playing over the top of it?

“In For the Kill” remix by Skream.

Who would be your ideal party cohort?

My boyfriend and Loefah. It would be cool if Loefah would be with me.

Robert Belgrave, biscuit designer, 24

Do you like to party, Robert?

I love to partaaaaaay.

What kind of partaaays do you like to go to?

Banging parties.

What is the most banging party you’ve ever been to?

My house party at university. I did a mangina at the top of the stairs.

What the fuck is a mangina?

It’s where you tuck your dick in between your legs and pull your pants down. I did this at the top of the stairs, whilst yelling “Mangina!” so that everyone could see.

What song makes you do the mangina at parties?

It isn’t a dance move. You can’t really cut those shapes on the dancefloor.

Andrew Poulter, painter, 34

Do you like to party Andy?

Yeah, depends who fucking with, but yeah.

What is the best party you’ve been to?

Best party I’ve been to? Oh yeah, my gran’s funeral.

What happened at your gran’s funeral to make it so special?

Not in the churchyard, but the reception was lovely. Everyone got on, lots of dancing, everyone was a little bit blown away emotionally, but it was wonderful. There was sausage rolls, alright? And tube balloons, what else do you want for a party? I don’t do drugs, alright?

What kind of music was playing at your gran’s funeral?

Nothing. It was all silent.

What kind of music did they play at the party afterwards?

Just shit stuff. It was good.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a party other than your gran getting buried?

I don’t really get crazy, but I know what line you’re on. Men chatting each other up? Oh no, that’s racist, no gayest, no homophobic. Them chatting me up. I don’t want to be rude to them, but I like ladies.

Stacey Cassel, visual merchandiser, 26

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?

The best party that I’ve been to would have to be Great Escape in Australia, which is like a camping/live music festival.

Oh good, another music festival story. What crazy shit happened?

At the end, actually, they had bails of hay, and we had a massive drunken hay fight. It was pretty gross, though, because everyone was so drunk that they didn’t notice the vomit all over the hay they were throwing at one another.

Who would be your perfect party compatriot?

Brandon Boyd because I love him. I’ve been in love with him since I was in year 9. I think he’s amazing and I would love to party with him.

Published on Vice on 10th August 2009:

Now I really miss it

Biggest rude boy on a slash stick !!

Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez - one of my favourite sections ever


Spent the day submitting work and writing applications today - BOOOOOOOOOO

But, made me think of this - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

One of the most fun boards I have ever got to ride. I. MISS. RIDING.

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Past Mid - Nite Jewel

Met up with a girl I used to love yesterday. It was nice. So is this song...

Photographers I like Vol. 3: Franck Juery

This guy is French, and as I cannot speak the language due to the popular British mentality that you don't need to learn another language as everyone should speak English (apparently), I can tell you no more even with the aid of the Bio on his website. His photographs look as if they should have been taken by a man made entirely of rainbows from So Cal, who collects old postcards of the English riviera. Yet they are not. It's just pure summer time looking at his pictures and it leaves me with that lovely beer-in-the-sun sort-of-a-feeling, garnished with a sprig of guilt that I am a moronic Brit who can't read French. Rad to the power of rad.

Ps: This post was going to be a lot better, but Monsoir Juery is not playing ball and won't let late night bloggers rip pics straight from his website!! There's this sick picture of a toy shark in his personals pics on his website. Definitely check it out.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

A train trip to the hangout of hedonism

Photographers I like Vol. 2: Hedi Slimane

OK, so fashion photography, in general, is a bit lame. It just all seems a bit try hard in my eyes. There's a vain attempt to inject some soul/art into a skinny poser being made to pull sexy faces and cotort their body as if they have their toes in a cartoon plug socket, then some photoshop whizz smooths over every rough area in the photograph thus removing any real feeling from the photograph and making the model look like a glorified coat stand.

Alright, that's all a bit of an over exaggeration, but I'm just not that into posed photographs. However, that was until I came across some new stuff from this lady, Hedi Slimane, who is probably old news to fashion anoraks but a lovely morning delight for me! There just seems something raw to what she photographs and, other than the unmistakable gloss of the fashion photograph, there's a playful side to a lot of what she has tried to capture. I'm not into it all (the Jamie Hince collection is ridiculous), but this lot and some of the other's in her diary are real cool...

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bungalow Hate: Stoned Love Letters To Imaginary Boyfriends

Best Coast sound like the culmination of a whole summer of teenage heartbreak, napping on floral throws and sharing strong weed. Formerly in Pocahaunted, Bethany Consentino now writes songs for her and Bobby Bruno to hang out and play. A mixture of coagulated guitars, pained vocals and 60's pop sensibilites make up an unmistakably Californian sound that sometimes feels like those warm waves of the Pacific are actually washing over you. Bethany is the fastest responder MySpace has ever registered, and here are some things that I asked her last night and were in my Inbox by this morning...

There’s two of you in the band, right? How did you get together?

Bethany: Bobb and I have been friends for years, and we worked together in my last band, Pocahaunted. When I started writing these songs, and recording them--I knew I needed a little help making them sound exactly the way I wanted them to, and I knew Bobb was the guy to go to. We just work really well together, and he totally gets it.

I know that this is probably pretty obvious, but what are the main influences for Best Coast?

The music is definitely influenced by a lot of 50s and 60s groups/artists. I have listened to oldies for most of my life, and when I moved to New York to go to college, I listened to that shit even more because it reminded me of California. Oldies just have this really awesome happy, sunny vibe to them--and I'm really inspired by that. I guess specifically, The Beach Boys and girl groups like The Ronettes, The Angels, and The Shangri-Las would be the biggest influences for me.

How would you describe the music you make?

Stoned love letters to imaginary boyfriends??? Haha, I don't know. In terms of the sound, I think it's just like a 60s-meets 90s total California stoner sound. I don't even know if that's a real sound, but that is how I imagine it to sound in my head, haha.

Blackest Rainbow have put your 7” out, how did that come about?

Blackest Rainbow actually put out a tape entitled 'Where The Boys Are." Joe, who runs the label had released a few things for my last band, and when he found out about this new project, he approached me and asked if I wanted to work with him again, and I of course said yes.

What is going to be your next release? Will you get around to putting together an album?

There are two releases in the works, both seven inches--one is coming out on this label Art Fag based out of San Diego, and the other is coming out on Group Tightener, a new label based out of Brooklyn. My seven inch is actually their debut release, which is really exciting. An album is definitely going to happen, Bobb and I are still in the process of mixing songs, and I'm still writing new ones like everyday. I'm not in a rush though, it'll happen when it happens.

What sort of shows have you been playing/what are your favourite kind of gigs?

We have been playing a ton of shows around LA lately, they've been really fun! It's weird to play shows before you even have any merch or anything to sell, haha. We've been playing a lot of shows with our friends band "Pearl Harbour." They are amazing California stoners too!

What records are you listening too at the moment?

I still pretty much only listen to oldies--but I guess lately I've also been listening to a lot of Nirvana. 'Bleach' is kind of like my favourite album at the moment. I also like seriously can not stop listening to Built to Spill, 'There's Nothing Wrong With Love.' That album just makes me feel like I'm 17 again, and I'm a huge sucker for nostalgia haha. And then of course, just so much Beach Boys and this awesome album called 'The Girls' Sound'-- it's this amazing comp. with a ton of 50s-60s girl groups on it--it seriously rules.

Why do you think that the lo – fi thing is kicking off so big in California?

I think the whole lo-fi thing kind of exudes this really laid back vibe, and people in California are just super laid back and mellow. There is also something that is just super warm and sunny feeling about lo-fi music, and duh--california is both of those things!

Which bands are you into the most in that scene?

I'm just really excited and into most of the shit that is coming out right now. I guess it's because I'm friends with a lot of the bands in this "scene"--so it's exciting for me to see them all succeed and do well--but also they're all just making fucking epic stuff!

Your music is pretty much sounds like it was written as a soundtrack to you guys getting stoned. Was that intentional?

I don't think it was so much intentional as it was inherent--I mean, I smoke a lot of weed, I guess the music I make is bound to have a 'stoney' vibe.

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