Friday, 21 November 2008

S. Faulks

'"My love died." You've heard people say that, haven't you? With sincerity and self-regard. "Love" is a force by which most people would claim to regulate their lives. Yet if you stop feeling it, then it no longer exists.'
'It's like fear or envy. One day you feel jealous of someone else; another day, for no discernible reason, you just don't. Sometimes you're frightened in a car; other times with the same driver, you aren't. "Love" is like that. You feel it, you don't feel it. Nothing wrong with that. But surely that makes it too unstable to be given a privileged position in life - let alone used as a foundation.'
'To what have you given a privileged position in your life?'
This was a good question
'Accuracy,' I said.
'Integrity of fact.'

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