Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Attack of the Clones

Initially, when first handed this business card, I thought it was the most self-indulgent piece of company promotion I had ever seen. Just a simple white card with a rubbery looking man head on the front of it. It was only when I took a look at the guy’s website that things began to become clear. was founded by a PhD from Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory. The website allows the user to mutate their own 3D facial appearance in a variety of ways. After uploading a couple of photographs into their online software package, the user can change their race, age and gender with only a few clicks. For those of you who are less attractive, you can also use the site to “beautify” yourself, so you won’t feel as embarrassed when uploading your pictures onto your new online dating profile. To be honest, at first glance, I thought it was clever but after a childhood being wowed by more CGI effects than you could shake an optical wire at, I wasn’t incredibly impressed. That is until I watched their promotional video of the products that they have on offer. Using “cutting-edge manufacturing technologies pioneered by the car prototyping industry” these guys can take you’re 2D image and create a 3D sculpture of your face that is scarily lifelike. It’s some straight up robocoping, face-offing, digital face-chopping voodoo shit that has the capability to scare the be-Jesus out of even the weirdest of kooky relatives come birthday time. Seriously who the hell doesn’t want their face on their own action figure?!

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