Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Almighty Defenders

Zines are awesome. Coming from the back of beyond originally, genuinely good self-published literature, the desire to do anything different or, in fact, creativity of any description were, unsuprisingly, lacking somewhat. Therefore, I'm now loving the fact that at various places near to my new home I can pick up a cute little pamphlet (like that word) and get a sneak peek into someone else's strange little world.

The latest one I've found, Tally Ho!, is of such good quality, I couldn't believe that they didn't at least charge something for it! It's full of cool illustrations, reviews, thoughts and just incredibly good writing (I must say that some of it is a little self-indulgent, but therein lies the beauty of the zine). I like the fact, also, it has alerted me to what I now think is the most wonderful news I have heard all year...THE ALMIGHTY DEFENDERS! Again, this young blogger hangs his head in shame that he was unaware of the Black Lips and King Khan and the BBQ getting together to form the second (The Babies) garage supergroup of the year!! The Black Lips were already pretty special, but then to add, arguably, one of the most charismatic lead singers in the game (The King) is almost too much awesome for my ear drums to take in one sitting. They sound like exactly what they are - a group of pals having fun and jamming the shit out their songs...dressed in preachers robes. The song that they have on their myspace that I adore is "Cone Of Light", but I can't find that to add on here so here's a video of their first ever live performance in June...BEST. THING. EVER. King Khan and the Shrines are playing Cargo next week!! Be there or BEWARE!

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