Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Daily Mail Makes Good

Reading the Daily Mail is sort of like rolling around on a tapestry of hate, woven with the barbarous fibres of racism and prejudice. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have chastised my father for continuing to buy this abusive rag. Each time I am assured that he only purchases it everyday because my mum likes the crosswords. Needless to say, I rarely look at their website, unless I am particularly in the mood for a neat slice of intolerance. However, upon a rare glance at the website today, I found such an amazing picture.

It’s a photograph of a volcano erupting on the small Kuril Island range off the coast of Japan. The picture was taken by a NASA’s international space station, which orbits the planet 16 times a day. It was just by chance that it happened to be over the island at that point in the day to capture such a dramatic photograph. Other than the fact this picture may disturb those paranoid 1984 readers, it’s some of the best photojournalism I’ve seen in ages.

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