Monday, 8 June 2009

Snapshots of another life

Usually rummaging through the editor’s hefty box of unopened mail only gifts me paper cuts and the latest Jack Penate promo. This time, though, I found a diamond in the rough. Application forms and Curriculum Vitaes are often about as interesting as flicking through a science teacher’s tax returns, but when they come packaged with photographs of old skate dudes and a handwritten letter from a troubled youth, it’s sort of like summer time in Pan’s Labyrinth. From the carefully selected envelope (you know the kind your mum gets you from the local newsagent when you’re five to mail to your pen friend in Mallorca) to the heart-wrenching story of a father’s ailing skate company in Buenos Aires, this was a truly personal plea for a chance at the ? Corporation.

There just seems to be a romance inherent in the Hispanic that is sadly lacking from the rest of us. They say “Te amo, eres guapa” we say “Vodka and coke sweetheart?” Within this bundle of memories and delicately crafted tales of woe, there wasn’t an ‘Employment History’ section or any over exaggerated ‘Hobbies and Interests’ because that’s just not important. There would probably be a lot less recruitment officers doing themselves in if they got to open one of these little parcels of sunshine on a grim Monday morning.

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