Monday, 1 June 2009

Bungalow Hate: Interview with Vivian Girls

Hey. So, you lot have been like stupid busy this year with touring. Didn’t you do like 18 shows at SXSW?

Cassie – We did, and umm what else did we do?

Katy – It’s been a really productive year.

Cassie – We did a full US tour, we toured Europe. We ahh have a new 7” out. We’re going to have our new album out in September. So, yeah, really productive year.

That’s intense. You’ve got a side project as well, haven’t you Cassie? Called Ghost Town, yeah?

Cassie – Oh. Oh no, we’re called The Babies. We changed our name. There were a couple of changes, we were called Ghost Town, but now we are The Babies. And we’ve only played one show. It’s like my band with like my boyfriend and our friend Kevin. We’re just like, we’re just like very new. We just started.

How is that sound like a progression from Vivian Girls?

Cassie – Ah, it’s different. It’s two guitars and drums, there’s no bass. And I don’t really write any of the songs, I wrote like one song for it, and umm Kevin, the other guitar player writes most of the songs. So, it’s kinda like being in a band where I’m just like hanging out, and it’s like very…it’s not…like very little pressure, you know? I think it kinda sounds like…It’s kinda like Country Gospel, but like punker? I don’t know, it’s hard to describe. Haha.

You also set up Wild World last year, right? Is it all still going well?

Katy – Yeah, it’s great. We just reissued “Wild Eyes”. This summer we are actually going to put another one of Cassie’s older bands…we’re going to put out the LP of that. And then another band might be in the works, but we won’t discuss it.

Didn’t you do like a package thing, where you gave away postcards or something?

Cassie – In the winter, we put out a 7” ourselves “Surf’s Up”, and we released it in a package with a shirt, some postcards and a button. But those are all sold out. We’re probably not going to do it again because it was a lot of work.

Yeah, sounds like it. Also, deviating from the conversation slightly, I found this comment today like, you know how you did the Pink Sofa session, like the acoustic set. Well I scrolled down the page today and found a comment that someone left in capital letters, and it said “BEWARE – THESE GUYS ARE GAY 4 GOD”


Cassie – That’s our friend Ryan!

Oh really

Cassie – He’s our friend from Brooklyn. We have a lot of inside jokes with him. Cos like you know that God hates gay people, but it’s OK to be gay if you’re gay for God. It’s like “You’re a band who loves god”…it’s alright to be gay for God…It’s a weird inside joke that make’s no sense, but we think it’s funny for some reason…

It wasn’t like a full on attack on Vivian Girls then?

Cassie – Oh, no no no. We know that person.

Katy – Very well. Ryan’s the best.

Yeah sorry, my research got a bit carried away…

Katy – Oh yeah, when’s my birthday?

I didn’t do that much research.

Oh shit sorry, I feel guilty now. I feel as though I should know when your birthday is. When is it?

Katy – Not telling.

Alright then.

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