Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bungalow Hate: Interview with Pearl Harbor

The words “Pearl" and "Harbor” usually bring to mind images of exploding Kamakazi pilots or perhaps (if you're so inclined) that shit film with Josh Hartnett, and will have convulsing American WW2 vets popping the child proof cap on their benzodiazepines faster than you can say “stop, drop, roll!” This, then, is a strange name to associate with two young sisters from California who play dreamy, lo-fi pop, covered in more fuzz than a brand new furbie. Piper, 22, and her sister Sky, 15, make slow, solid jams that you imagine will be the perfect future soundtrack of some time-lapse surfer film. Piper got in touch recently to explain how Pearl Harbor get down and how Arnie influenced their music...

Hey! So, how did Pearl Harbor get started?

Piper: We're sisters, so that was eazy greazy...Cody, our live bass wizzer is a really good friend of mine, of around 5 years. We started jamming pretty regularly after I inherited a "budget" bass from a friend last august, and eventually a song was written.. followed by more songs...

How long have you been writing music? How old are you now?

Not too long.. but thanks to the celerity of the internet, we've already been bought out and forgotten.

Do both of you write the music?

Yeah, my sister and I write everything.

How did you decide on the name?

It came to me in a dream.. a Blue Dream..

What are the main influences on Pearl Harbor’s sound?

Being U.A.N.S... Martin Newell, Dizzy Dan, Jack Herrer, Summer Hits, Lawrence Hay-way... dudes that ROCK

How many singles/EP’s have you guys put together?

We have a CD-R called "Calistonia Dreamin"

Who is putting out your stuff?

Mexican Summer's putting out our first 12" titled "Something About The Chaparrals", which should probably be out around October-ish..

Have you guys been playing many shows recently? What are your favourite shows to play?

We just played a handful of shows around the neighb with our L.A. buds, Best Coast (Cinderella 99). It's hard to say which shows are my fave, because we've played like, eight. I guess ones that aren't at bars so my sis doesn't have to stand outside with the dregs, because that means I have to stand outside with the dregs.

Which other bands do you like to hang out with in your area?

The only band I hang with is Headband

What records are you listening to at the moment?

Michael Farneti- Good Morning Kisses & Dandelions by Dandelions, Kenny Gilmore CD-R. Take a step back, 'cuz that shit is hot.

Has Mr. Schwarzenegger been a positive influence on music in California?

Every night I pray that we'll write a song with the gusto of Predator, finesse of Terminator, and gut-busting whimsy of Hercules in New York or Kindergarten Cop. Which is good, because I'm praying.

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